•Southwick Masonic Lodge is one of more than 150 lodges in Sussex, which operate under the governing body of Freemasonry in England, the United Grand Lodge.

•The lodge was formed in 1951 and has always met at the Southwick Community Centre.

•Membership is not restricted to residents of Southwick and like all Masonic Lodges is open to men of all beliefs.

•The Lodge meets 7 times a year; normally on the third Tuesday of the months September to April excluding December.

•The annual subscription is currently £185 and the 4 course meal  afterwards costs £20

•Lodge meetings are always followed by a meal.

Occasionally those dinners are open to guests like wives, partners, friends and prospective new members.

•The Lodge raises money for Masonic, non-Masonic and local charities.

•New and joining members are welcome.

•Further Information is available from the lodge secretary MichaelClaridge   Email: mickclaridge@gmail.com

Or the membership officer

Andy Neilands at


The lodge meets in The Barn Theatre

which is part of The Southwick

Community Centre,  24 Southwick St,

Southwick, West Sussex

BN42 4TE


      want to join?  Just ask

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